Frequently asked questions about Urban Street Ventures

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Cash Buyers Created Equal?

No. They are not created equal.  Some buyers say they are “cash buyers,” but after locking up a deal, apply for a hard money loan or attempt to assign the deal to another buyer.

Why Should I Sell to Urban Street Ventures?

We have a great reputation earned over 25 years as a reliable buyer that can be counted on to close on-time with no last-minute drama. Also, we are a one-stop buyer who buys across all property types and throughout Southern California.

Can I Sell Now and Move Out Later?

Yes. We are flexible buyers that can customize an offer to accommodate most seller’s needs.

Why Sell To A Cash Buyer?

Sellers get the certainty of a cash offer, with no financing contingency. Typically, the property is purchased “as-is” with no repairs or termite work requested.  Also, sellers avoid the inconvenience of open houses and buyer traffic through the property.

What Information Is Required To Generate An Offer

We’ll need the property address and, if available, the price the seller is looking to receive for the property.  If the property generates income, we will need rental information as well. We suggest that you send this information by email.  We can follow up with more questions if needed.

Do I Get Value For Illegal Additions

In past years, bootleg additions were not scrutinized like they are today. With cities implementing pre-sale inspections combined with stricter lending standards, unpermitted structures are being red-flagged.  Little to no value can be attributed to bootlegs because the time and cost to legalize them makes most unfeasible.