open house

Avoid Traditional Sale

Sometimes sellers want to avoid the public exposure of a traditional sale. Keeping the property clean for multiple showings and open houses can be a real hassle. If the property has fallen into disrepair, not only may it not qualify for lender financing, but can be a source of embarrassment for the seller. In these situations, the seller may elect to sell via a cash buyer.

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loan payment overdue notice

Behind On Loan Payments

Typically your property is one of your biggest assets. If you get behind on your mortgage, don’t jeopardize losing the equity in your property. Urban Street is a cash buyer that can provide an a hassle-free alternative to potentially losing your property to the bank. We will tailor the terms of a purchase offer that meets your timeline and other needs

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cash versus traditional sale

Benefits of Cash Buyer Versus Traditional Sale

For decades, the accepted method of selling a property involved posting the property on a multiple listing service and waiting for a buyer. Today, there are other options available in selling real estate. The emergence of cash buyers has given Sellers an alternative to the traditional method of selling a home.

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Traditional sale contingencies

Buyer Weasel Clauses

One of the primary benefits of selling to a cash buyer is the increased peace of mind that the sale of the property will close on-time and drama free. With a traditional real estate transaction, the buyer’s offer contains several contingencies (weasel clauses) baked into the offer which give the buyer the opportunity to unilateraly back out of the deal.

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fast cash

Cashing Out Property Owners

Real estate, generally considered an illiquid asset, has always presented a problem for Sellers requiring a quick sale. At Urban Street we understand that life events like divorce, moving out of state, foreclosure, etc. can happen to anyone.

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Determining Fair Offer Price

Accurately calculating a property’s value is crucial to being a successful cash buyer. I learned this skill as a former California licensed appraiser 25 years ago.

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