Cash Buyer Of Houses And Apartments In Los Angeles Area And Throughout Southern California

Urban Street Ventures is a vertically integrated real estate investor that utilizes its expertise in acquisition, construction, property management, and marketing to maximize the market value of acquired properties. 

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What Separates Us From Other Real Estate Investors

When you need an answer on a new or ongoing deal, Urban Street Ventures is easy to reach. Our office staff is always available to take your calls. We understand real estate is a 24/7 business, so we are also responsive after hours and weekends. 

Our experience buying 100’s of deals in Southern California gives us the ability to size up deals quickly. If you have a deal to pitch, it’s never a problem to run the numbers and generate a no obligation cash offer. 

When we buy houses, apartments, or other property types, we make sure to close on time so that the real estate agents involved in a transaction always have a stress free experience and look good to their clients.  Our goal is to build trust and long term relationships with the broker community.

We have the resources to offer cash on every deal that fits our buy box parameters.   Property owners and real estate agents look to us when they need an all cash offer for a house or apartment building.

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Our Post Acquisition Strategies

Immediately After Closing Date, The Work Begins.

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Buy, Renovate and Sell

Immediately after acquiring title, the construction management team oversees the contractors and vendors involved in the renovation of the assets. Urban Street Ventures is experienced in handling all types of rehabilitation. We primarily buy houses, condos and townhomes for flip purposes and not as long term hold properties.

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Buy, Renovate and Hold

Urban Street Ventures buys apartments which can deliver both income and appreciation over a 2-5 year time horizon. After acquiring title, the apartments are renovated to rent-ready status. Our property management division handles the marketing, tenant selection, rent collection, notices and evictions.

Our Construction Specialties

  • Upgrade Existing Properties: Our construction crews are well versed in adding modern amenities to tired properties while still preserving the original beauty.
  • Ground-Up Construction:  We work with architects, engineers, city officials and contractors to go from concept to finished product.
  • Satisfy Code Violations: It’s not uncommon to inherit property violations from previous owners. We know what’s involved and how to resolve these issues.  
  • Improve Floorplans Bringing a property into the 21st century often involves modifying the existing floorplan within the existing envelope.
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s): We have completed several adu’s and will continue this trend. 
  • Property Additions: Allows for more functional floorplans by adding bedrooms or common areas.
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From Cash Offer to Redeveloped Property

Our Process: Refined Over 27 years

View Recent Completed Southern California Renovation Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

No. They are not created equal.  Some buyers claim to offer cash, but after locking up a deal, they apply for a hard money loan or attempt to wholesale the deal to other real estate investors. Urban Street stands behind its reputation for hassle free transactions.  When we buy houses, apartments, or other property types, you can rest assured that the money needed to fund the deal is liquid and ready to go.

Yes. We are flexible buyers that can customize our competitve cash offers to accommodate most seller’s needs. It is not uncommon when we buy houses for the seller to have certain ‘hot buttons.’  We try to incorporate the seller’s requests in our purchase offer.

Typically, when real estate investors buy houses and other property types, sellers get the certainty of a cash offer, with no financing contingency. Most commonly, the terms of a cash offer include taking the property in as is condition with no repairs or termite work requested.  Also, sellers avoid the inconvenience of open houses and buyer traffic through the property.

Urban Street has a great reputation as a reliable buyer that can be counted for a stress free transaction.  Sellers and agents come to us because we are a one-stop property buyer who purchases houses, apartments and other commercial property types in Los Angeles county and surrounding counties.  Whatever your situation: bankruptcy, facing foreclosure or property needs costly repairs, we can tailor a fair cash offer to meet your needs.

To get a fair cash offer, we’ll need the property address and, if available, the price the seller is looking to receive for the property.  If the property generates income, we will need rental information as well. We suggest that you send this using our online form.  We can follow up with more questions if needed.  Get Offer

Yes, real estate agents often call us to get a cash offer for properties they want to sell fast.  They recognize that we are a reliable buyer of distressed homes and apartment buildings.   Because of our almost three decades of experience, we can quickly generate a no obligation cash offer. Real estate agents get quick feedback on our level of interest.  We have our own cash, so agents can rest assured that come the closing date, we will be ready to fund and close the deal.  We are principals, so agents and brokers represent us on the deals they bring us.  

Testimonials By Property Sellers And Agents

We've Built A Reputation As A Reliable House And Apartment Buyer