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Urban Street Vs. Traditional Selling Method

New Way To Sell

Until now, real estate has presented challenges for sellers requiring a quick sale. Urban Street provides liquidity to property owners by providing cash offers that are tailored to each seller’s needs.  Over the past 25 years, Urban Street has built a reputation for on-time and hassle-free purchases.

Urban Street is a reliable buyer with deep pockets. Sellers and brokers call us first when they need cash offer with straightforward offer terms.

Why Urban Street Is A Better Cash Buyer

Comparison Between Traditional Sale And Urban Street Ventures

Item Traditional Sale Urban Street Ventures
COMMISSIONS 3 to 6% of purchase price on average paid by Seller Zero Commissions
BUYER FINANCING Up to 15% of loans fall through Cash Offer, No Loan Contingency
APPRAISAL Buyer contingency. Risk of property appraising at lower than purchase price No appraisal
ESCROW PERIOD Average 1-2 Months Flexible. Seller's choice
OPEN HOUSE & SHOWINGS Several public viewings. Looky lou's None needed
CLOSING DATE At Buyer's Mercy. Most common delays due to appraisal and Buyer loan complications Date of Seller's Choice
REPAIRS/TERMITE COSTS Seller pays termite. After buyer inspections, Seller typically asks Buyer to complete list of repairs or credit sum of money in lieu of repairs. None Requested
INSPECTIONS May include all or some of the following: Home Inspecton, Appraisal, Termite, Foundation and Main Line Inspection, Mold and Asbestos Inspection Quick Walk-Thru by Field Rep
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We Buy Property In Any Situation
Or Condition

At Urban Street, we are flexible cash buyers.  We can accommodate almost any situation.   We know property owners encounter many different scenarios during their lifetime.   Knowing this, we structure our offers to best fit the Seller's needs.  Click any item below to learn more.

Comparison Between Large iBuyers And Urban Street Ventures

Companies like Zillow and Opendoor are entering the market.  How do they stack up to Urban Street? 

Item Large Ibuyers Urban Street Ventures
SERVICE AREA Nationwide. No Local Knowledge Southern California Real Estate Experts
TARGET PROPERTY TYPE Only newer homes that need minor "lipstick" repairs Experienced construction crews. Any age or condition OK
OFFER PRICE Auto-generated offer prices All property & market factors into consideration
CUSTOMER FOCUS Impersonal customer experience Direct communication to live person
OFFER TERMS More rigid offer terms Offers tailored to seller needs

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Urban Street gave my client a fair cash offer. The Seller could not afford to fix city violations. Urban Street closed quickly and assumed responsibility for the repairs. Everyone was happy.
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