Invest With Urban Street Ventures

Diversify Your Investments

Why Invest With Urban Street Ventures?

  • Exceptional Reputation among its peers
  • Experienced investor- 100’s of properties purchased over 27 years
  • In-place systems for all aspects of our operation
  • Strong deal flow- access to off-market opportunities 

Investing Tailwinds Thesis

Flip Investing

  • Aging Housing Stock- A large percentage of housing in the Greater Los Angeles Area is approaching 100 years old with many small houses and dysfunctional floorplans. 
  • Renovated Properties- Homes with updated amenities and floorplans are very appealing to buyers.
  • Steady Demand for first time homebuyer housing near job centers.
  • Undersupply Of Housing Stock-  Scarcity of buildable land combined with lengthy and costly entitlement process creates barriers to entry.

Apartment Investing

  • Demographic Trends-Millennials have a greater inclination towards renting instead of buying.
  • Supply & Demand Imbalance-Over 4.5 million apartments will be needed by 2030 in the U.S. to meet the demand created by delayed marriages, an aging population and international immigration. 
  • Renters by Necessity – Workforce housing renters live in apartments because their economic circumstances do not support the notion of owning a home.
  • Value-Add Opportunity – Class B & C assets have renovation opportunities; i.e, renovating dated apartment interiors and common areas, creating an opportunity to push rents and produce outsized investment returns.

Two Ways To Invest

With current market volatility, today’s investor is wise to diversify their portfolio. Investments backed by Southern California real estate can provide solid returns with relatively low risk.  Urban Street Ventures offers two ways to invest—short duration debt secured by first trust deeds and preferred returns on apartment real estate partnerships. All investments are available first to our current investor pool and then to new investors.

First Trust Deed Investing

Urban Street has a constant appetite for loans necessary to fund their residential investment activities. You become the bank and lend to us.

  • Loans secured by 1-4 unit properties
  • 9 month to 3 year loan terms
  • Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Interest only
  • Recorded Deed of Trust
  • Promissory note

Apartment Syndications

Urban Street partners with investors looking to realize both cash flow and property appreciation over time.  

  • We focus on distressed and mis-managed multi-family assets
  • Add value through active management and renovation
  • Hold and manage property for a period of 1-5 years
  • We offer a preferred return plus equity participation.

Trust Deed Investments

Urban Street secures an accepted cash offer on a specific property

A short escrow is opened (typically 10-30 days) between seller and Urban Street Ventures, Inc

Urban Street asks Investor if they would like to make a first trust deed investment

3 days before close of escrow, a loan request is sent to investor

Investor funds loan within 48 hours

A deed of trust is recorded against the real estate and a recorded copy is sent to Investor

Improvements to the property are completed. After being renovated, the property is then staged and marketed for sale.

At close of escrow, investor is wired loan payoff proceeds directly from escrow.

MultiFamily Investments

Urban Street identifies a potential investment opportunity and evaluates its feasibility

After a property is deemed suitable, one or more investors are solicited for the syndication

Seller and Urban Street execute a purchase contract and open escrow.

Documents provided by Urban Street to investor include: Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Operating Agreement, Subsciption Agreement, property financials

Financing is secured and escrow closes

Urban Street provides ongoing property management and oversees renovations and lease-up of property as outlined in PPM

Investor receives periodic distributions of cash flow and equity participation when property is sold



This is not a public offering. Any securities may only be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, in the state or states in which they have been registered or may be offered under an appropriate exemption. An investment in the Company is a security and may only be sold to verified Accredited Investors via a Private Placement Memorandum under the SEC’s Regulation D, Rule 506(c) exemption. If you wish to make an investment in the Company, please ask one of the principals for a copy of the Private Placement Memorandum. The Company is not a United States Securities Dealer or Registered Investment Advisor.