Invest With Urban Street

Diversify Your Investments

Two Ways To Invest

With current market volatility, today’s investor is wise to diversify their portfolio. Investments backed by Southern California real estate can provide solid returns with relatively low risk.  We offer two ways to invest—short duration debt secured by first trust deeds and preferred returns on multi-family real estate partnerships.  All investments are available first to our current accredited investor pool and then to our 2nd tier contacts.

First Trust Deed Investing

Urban Street has a constant appetite for loans necessary to fund their residential investment activities. You become the bank and lend to us.

  • Secured by 1-4 unit properties
  • 9 mo. to 3 year loan terms
  • Southern California Real Estate
  • Interest only
  • Recorded Deed of Trust
  • Promissory note

Multi-Family Partnerships

On larger apartment buildings, Urban Street partners with investors looking to realize both cash flow and appreciation over time.  Urban Street sources the properties and handles the rehabilitation, management and final disposition. 

We focus on locating distressed, mis-managed, or undervalued multi-family assets, adding value through active management and renovation, and then holding and managing these assets for a period of 1-5 years. We offer our investors a preferred return plus equity participation.

Trust Deed Investment Timeline

Offer is accepted on specific property

Escrow is Opened

Investor is asked if they want to fund 1st trust deed investment

3 days before COE (close of escrow), loan request is sent to investor

Investor funds loan within 48 hours

Deed of trust is recorded & sent to Investor

Property is rehabbed & marketed for sale

At COE, investor receives loan payoff from escrow co.

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