Urban Street Ventures, Inc. is a verticaly integrated operator that specializes in cash transactions involving Southern California real estate.  Urban Street utilizes their expertise in acquisition, construction management, property management and marketing to maximize the value of each asset purchased. Their experience and street-tested systems have proven effective in managing assets scattered geographically across Southern California.



Immediately after acquiring title, the construction management team oversees the contractors & vendors involved in the renovation of assets.  We are experienced in handling all types of rehabilitiation.  After construction is complete,  the marketing of the property is handled in-house. 


Properties are selected which can deliver both income and appreciation over a 2-5 year time horizon. After acquiring title, assets are renovated to rent-ready status. Our property management division handles the marketing, tenant selection, rent collection, notices and evictions.

Upgrade properties while adding modern amenities
• Restore designated hold properties to rent-ready status
• Satisfy city code violations, abatement and substandard conditions
• Improve floorplans with additions or reconfiguring existing floorplan
• New ground-up construction

We start with an initial walkthrough with the contractor and our field personnel to obtain a job estimate. A second review by our in office analyst determines the proper scope of work. Field personnel walk the property several times during construction to ensure an on-time, quality delivery. We have seasoned professionals who exercise oversight in the construction planning, budgeting and execution process. These individuals maximize quality control as well as manage budgets, change orders, scheduling and related facets of the construction process.

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