downsizing house


It’s not uncommon for a property owner’s needs to change during the course of property ownership. Often times this means selling their current property in hopes of downsizing to a smaller property.

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experienced buyer

Experienced Buyer

25 year ago, Urban Street Ventures bought it’s first property in Santa Ana. Since then, we have bought about 600 properties scattered across all of Southern California.

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fire damaged house

Fire Damaged Properties

Urban Street is an experienced buyer of fire-damaged properties. Over the years, we have worked on light to heavy fire-damaged properties. If your looking for a buyer who can take on your project, we are your go-to buyer.

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win-win buyers

Flexible Offer Terms

Based on feedback from clients, one of our best qualities is our ability to tailor purchase offers to seller’s needs. We pride ourselves on being flexible buyers.

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foreclosure notice form


If the lender files a notice of default, the clock starts ticking for the property owner to resolve their delinquency. This becomes more critical if the notice of trustee sale is recorded. As one of your biggest assets, it behooves the property owner to find a solution. If you get behind on your mortgage, don’t jeopardize losing the equity in your property. Urban Street is a cash buyer that can provide a hassle-free alternative to potentially losing your property to the bank. We will tailor the terms of a purchase offer that meets your timeline and other needs.

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hoarder house

Hoarder House

Hoarder houses typically don’t make good candidates to be sold using traditional real estate marketing. Cash buyers are ideally suited for this type of purchase because they look past the current property’s curb appeal and focus on the potential of the property. Urban Street is ideally suited to buy these types of properties. We can structure a purchase to take responsibility for all items left behind at the property.

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No Repairs Required

When you enter escrow with Urban Street, you can rest assured that there will be no suprises. Our standard offer terms do not ask for termite report and no property repairs.

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