reasons to chooose urban street ventures

Reliable Buyer

Urban Street Ventures has earned the coveted “Strong Buyer” from This rating is based on 10-key factors including experience, number of properties purchased and buyer reviews.

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relocating date

Relocating Out Of Town

You never know when a job promotion or personal reasons prompt a seller to relocate out of town. Often times this motivates property owners to secure a solid offer from a cash buyer. Urban Street is counted on to provide a hassle-free transaction that closes on time.

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man staring at 5 star review

Reputation Is Everything

A real estate investor’s reputation is their number one asset.  At Urban Street, we have a 25-year track record of performance. We are recognized by our peers as a reliable cash buyer. 

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short sale

Short Sales

Urban Street has been the buyer of many short sale transactions over the past 25 years. It’s a perfect fit because we can close as quickly or slowly as required by the seller.

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eviction form

Tenant Issues

Urban Street is an regular buyer of small and medium sized apartment buildings. We are well versed in property managment and rent control issues. If you have an income property with problem tenants or underperforming rents, we would be interesting in making an offer for your property.

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