Reasons For Selling

property with code violations

Property Violations

If you have a property with code violations, Urban Street would love to make you an offer. As many cities make pre-sale reports mandatory, unpermitted additions and illegal modifications are no long tolerated by city officials. Our construction crews are familiar with building code and can assume responsibility for all violations.

eviction form

Tenant Issues

Urban Street is an regular buyer of small and medium sized apartment buildings. We are well versed in property managment and rent control issues. If you have an income property with problem tenants or underperforming rents, we would be interesting in making an offer for your property.

foreclosure notice form


If the lender files a notice of default, the clock starts ticking for the property owner to resolve their delinquency. This becomes more critical if the notice of trustee sale is recorded. As one of your biggest assets, it behooves the property owner to find a solution. If you get behind on your mortgage, don’t jeopardize losing the equity in your property. Urban Street is a cash buyer that can provide a hassle-free alternative to potentially losing your property to the bank. We will tailor the terms of a purchase offer that meets your timeline and other needs.

hoarder house

Hoarder House

Hoarder houses typically don’t make good candidates to be sold using traditional real estate marketing. Cash buyers are ideally suited for this type of purchase because they look past the current property’s curb appeal and focus on the potential of the property. Urban Street is ideally suited to buy these types of properties. We can structure a purchase to take responsibility for all items left behind at the property.